Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mixed Media Paint Brush Holder with Jean Stambaugh Peter

"Wow!! Time for a new project for the OOAK design team. I am loving the challenges! I used a lot of the same products as last months project, Since I am trying to use the same supplies in as many ways as possible!! This "tool" is a paint brush roll up case but we all know a lot of possibility's for it!

OOAK Artisans Jean Stambaugh Peter mixed media

My newest product to use is the NEOPAQUE flowable extender and it works amazing!! helps with the layering of colors, and seems to deepen some of the colors, I used the dyna flow fabric paint and the fantastix pens to paint the outside of the case in splotches using the neopaque on some to give a little gradation of the colors.

OOAK Artisans Jean Stambaugh Peter mixed media

I added strips of cardboard in each of the slots to keep the paints from bleeding through to the other side. The inside was painted each slot a different color. NEOPAQUE flowable extender was used it to paint the circles, which allowed me to paint another color over and not change the colors!!

OOAK Artisans Jean Stambaugh Peter mixed media

I used a bit of black dyna flow to dry brush the edges of colors to help the colors look blended. Several stamps, stencils,and doodling in black tied it all together!!" ~Jean

OOAK Artisans Jean Stambaugh Peter mixed media

WOW! Jean's project is fantastic! I would love to have one of these in my art box for sure!  Don't forget you can visit Jean's blog at jeanpdesigns.blogspot.ca     


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  1. This is MY kind of paint brush holder! You know I love, love, love your work, it's just so colorful!