Friday, June 9, 2017

On the Road :: Michigan - Part One

Recently I travelled to Holland, Michigan to visit with my best friend from high school, Ellen. Wherever I go I am always on the lookout for art and this trip was no exception. As usual I took a zillion photos! I decided I'd shared my visit with you. This is Part One.


While visiting a new friend I noticed these really cool iron sculptures in her garden. I asked her husband about them and he told me they were created by their son, Foster.


So I said, "Is he here? Do you think he'd let me interview him?"

Foster is 18 but he created these pieces when he was about 12!

He told me his dad was teaching him how to weld and he noticed a pile of 'junk'. The artist in him said "Hey, I can make something with that!"  (LOVE that!)

While sharing his sculptures I found out his current passion is virtual reality. I wish I could explain to you everything he told me but I have to admit it was WAY over my head! Something about assets and model creations?!!

He did convince me to give it a try in "The Dive", a den where he entertains other VR enthusiasts, for a fee! I won't bore you with my whole experience but here's just a clip of my experience in creating dimensional art.

Foster just graduated from high school and is off to Kalamazoo to attend college in the fall. He will major in Computer Science. But, like I told his parents, I don't think he will finish college - he will be a self-made millionaire before then!

I really enjoyed my visit with Foster and I am looking forward to watching where his path will lead him. He is truly an amazing young man.

I'm leaving you with some of his thoughts....

Part Two is coming, stay tuned!

~ Shelley

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