Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My Funny Valentine: I Heart Zendoodle! with Mandy Russell

This Valentine-themed Zendoodle is sure to make you ask questions. It's got that bizarre, Alice-In-Wonderland or Tim-Burton-feel to it. Is the heart plant a good presence? Or not so good? With the crazy look on her face as well as her curly-Q tentacles, she seems to lean towards the creepy side. And that little bump of a bee? Just what are his plans???

Whatever your take on this garden scene is, it's sure to wow viewers. Plus the act of just doodling is itself such a joyful meditative process. So grab a pencil, a black Micron pen, a piece of drawing weight paper, a blending stump, and a cup of tea. Create your own little weird and whimsical Valentine-inspired landscape.

My Funny Valentine, Mandy Russell, OOAK Artisans

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Mixed Media Mini Folder and Collaged Zine with Jean Stambaugh Peter

It was a true struggle to come up with just the right thing to share! But after a little digging in the stash I came up with something kind of fun and bright!! I know we all buy supplies, they were on sale , they were clearance, or maybe the were just for sale!! We have the best intentions but sometimes we put it away really well!! I ran across this package of 2 mini folders, and being in a zine state of mind, I felt this was perfect!! Besides I have not shared much of my collage work!!