Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Mixed Media Mini Folder and Collaged Zine with Jean Stambaugh Peter

It was a true struggle to come up with just the right thing to share! But after a little digging in the stash I came up with something kind of fun and bright!! I know we all buy supplies, they were on sale , they were clearance, or maybe the were just for sale!! We have the best intentions but sometimes we put it away really well!! I ran across this package of 2 mini folders, and being in a zine state of mind, I felt this was perfect!! Besides I have not shared much of my collage work!!

Mixed Media Mini Folder and Collaged Zine, Jean Stambaugh Peter, OOAK Artisans
I used a technique I have done awhile ago but the paper was a bit glossy which makes this a fun project!! I stamped in stazon black ink, let dry, then using sponges and dye based ink I smushed bright color inks all over the card. After drying I added white marks to some of the black stamped images to make the whole thing pop!! 

Glued the flaps down and It was finished. As I said I have been crazy making zines so I thought that would be a great item for my pocket!!

Mixed Media Mini Folder and Collaged Zine, Jean Stambaugh Peter, OOAK Artisans

The zine I did was on a light weight card stock and I lightly colored the paper with water color, added my collage, embellished it with marks and doodle, added some shading and It was finished!! A sweet little book in a sweet little folder Check out the how to On my YouTube

You can see more of Jean's creations online!

On her blog:  jeanpdesigns.blogspot.com/
On Youtube:  www.youtube.com/channel/UCjPlWV5crr-VyFwofj7FNMA   

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