Saturday, March 12, 2016


For those of you who are following my OOAK Artisan Showcase page I have gotten back to the daily posts.

I had to take a break to get my wagons in a circle. I put my business plan on hold to put ALL my energy behind a community venture which I believe will allow me to do "my thing" in a much bigger way. Ultimately, I hope to be able to assist more artists as well as my community. It's all very exciting. It's my life long dream. I have a great group of people working along side me and things ARE happening behind the scenes. Can't wait to share the adventure with you all!

In the meantime we are still promoting our member artists - local artists as well as over fifty of our Facebook friends!

We have added our webpage, which is a work in progress. Since we hope to have extra special news to share in late March we needed to get it up and running. (Still having issues with it's mobile look, anyone that has experience with GoDaddy, I'd LOVE to get your advice!) 

The webpage is

Our social media spots are:

If you would like to be promoted, please join us. There are NO strings attached! We place your art in our promotion queue. Because we are adding artists every day we have had to up our daily posts to two, so that each artist gets atleast ONE promotion a month. As we add more artist members we will increase the number of daily posts accordingly. 

Your first post appears on our Facebook page, which is our favorite social media outlet. The next day it will appear on Instagram; next day, Twitter; next day, Google + and lastly on our Pinterest board. We had been doing a weekly summary on our blog but with added workloads we have had to put that on hold. We might do it on a monthly basis in the future. 

So if you aren't signed up yet, CLICK HERE.

I appreciate all your support, love and feedback.

~ Shelley

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