Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fun Image Transfer with Roberta Laliberte

Hello everyone! Roberta here with my next project. I decided to use a print of one of my paintings to create a rustic little sign for you. I really wanted to try the freezer paper method for image transfers. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be lol.

Prairie Fairy Designs OOAK Artisans Image Transfer

What you will need for this project is: 
A piece of wood Freezer paper
A printer 
Matte medium 
An old credit card 
A spray sealer 
A drill and a 1/4 inch drill bit 
Some rope or jute twine to hang the sign Primer

Prairie Fairy Designs OOAK Artisans Image Transfer

You may also need: 

Editing software like Photoshop if you plan to create your own text or to resize your image. If you don't have a program like Photoshop you can download GIMP for free. 
A charcoal pencil or sharpie marker Acrylic paint or water soluble pastels. 

Prairie Fairy Designs OOAK Artisans Image Transfer

Begin by priming your board. I also put a coat of off-white paint on mine. Let that dry completely. I can't stress this enough. If you don't the paint will pull off during the image transfer!!!! 

Prairie Fairy Designs OOAK Artisans Image Transfer

The next step is to print your image onto the freezer/parchment paper. You may have to cut it to fit the printer which would be 8.5 x 11”.

Remember when you create your image especially if it has text, you must flip the image so that you get a reverse image. If you do not do this when you transfer your image onto the board it will be in reverse. If you do not have editing software you can always just print your image, transfer it, and hand write your quote. Lay the printed image over your board to make sure it fits properly and line it up.

Prairie Fairy Designs OOAK Artisans Image Transfer

If you are satisfied with how everything looks you can coat your board with a thin layer of Matte medium Make sure there are no globs anywhere as this will smear the ink when you are sure the layer of Mac medium is spread evenly and thinly you can place the image printed side down onto the board use the old credit card to burnish the link into the matte medium. Do not let this dry. Remove the parchment paper from the board. The image should have transferred to the board.

Prairie Fairy Designs OOAK Artisans Image Transfer

Mine did not transfer perfectly so I decided to use a Kimberly 9XXB pencil (you can use charcoal pencil or sharpie as well) to reestablish my letters and outline my little figure.

Prairie Fairy Designs OOAK Artisans Image Transfer

I decided to antique the board a little bit by using a small chocolate coloured ink pad.

Prairie Fairy Designs OOAK Artisans Image Transfer

I also decided to add a little more colour using my water soluble pastels. You could also use acrylic paint for this step.

Once you are satisfied with everything see you at the board with the spray sealer. Use a drill and drill bit to make holes in your board so you can thread the string through the board and voila!

Prairie Fairy Designs OOAK Artisans Image Transfer

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and I hope I have inspired you to use your own artwork in some image transfer projects. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Find Joy Mixed Media with Jenn Engle

Hey everyone, Jenn Engle here with you today to share an art journal page.

OOAK Artisans, Mixed Media Jenn, Art Journal

It’s no secret that I am a huge Dina Wakley fan and her face stamps are some of my faves. For this one, I tried to color her as realistically as I could using Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers.

OOAK Artisans, Mixed Media Jenn, Art Journal

Once she was colored, I set out to create a quick and easy background. Whenever I want quick, easy and BOLD I reach for my Dylusions Ink Sprays. You can create a beautiful background in no time with them! I also added a bit of stamping, but that is pretty much it.

OOAK Artisans, Mixed Media Jenn, Art Journal

To create a cluster for my lady to sit on, I colored a piece of cardstock with the Dylusions to look just like the background. I used a piece of vintage book text to make sure my top piece wouldn’t blend in with the background.

OOAK Artisans, Mixed Media Jenn, Art Journal

To ground my face, I put some black and white washi behind her. To finish up, I added a Tim Holtz quote strip and that was it!

To see exactly how I made my art journal spread, you can watch the process video.

You can find more of my work over on my blog at www.mixedmediajenn.blogspot.com

Thanks so much,
Jenn Engle

Friday, June 9, 2017

On the Road :: Michigan - Part One

Recently I travelled to Holland, Michigan to visit with my best friend from high school, Ellen. Wherever I go I am always on the lookout for art and this trip was no exception. As usual I took a zillion photos! I decided I'd shared my visit with you. This is Part One.


While visiting a new friend I noticed these really cool iron sculptures in her garden. I asked her husband about them and he told me they were created by their son, Foster.


So I said, "Is he here? Do you think he'd let me interview him?"

Foster is 18 but he created these pieces when he was about 12!

He told me his dad was teaching him how to weld and he noticed a pile of 'junk'. The artist in him said "Hey, I can make something with that!"  (LOVE that!)

While sharing his sculptures I found out his current passion is virtual reality. I wish I could explain to you everything he told me but I have to admit it was WAY over my head! Something about assets and model creations?!!

He did convince me to give it a try in "The Dive", a den where he entertains other VR enthusiasts, for a fee! I won't bore you with my whole experience but here's just a clip of my experience in creating dimensional art.

Foster just graduated from high school and is off to Kalamazoo to attend college in the fall. He will major in Computer Science. But, like I told his parents, I don't think he will finish college - he will be a self-made millionaire before then!

I really enjoyed my visit with Foster and I am looking forward to watching where his path will lead him. He is truly an amazing young man.

I'm leaving you with some of his thoughts....

Part Two is coming, stay tuned!

~ Shelley

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mixed Media Paint Brush Holder with Jean Stambaugh Peter

"Wow!! Time for a new project for the OOAK design team. I am loving the challenges! I used a lot of the same products as last months project, Since I am trying to use the same supplies in as many ways as possible!! This "tool" is a paint brush roll up case but we all know a lot of possibility's for it!

OOAK Artisans Jean Stambaugh Peter mixed media

My newest product to use is the NEOPAQUE flowable extender and it works amazing!! helps with the layering of colors, and seems to deepen some of the colors, I used the dyna flow fabric paint and the fantastix pens to paint the outside of the case in splotches using the neopaque on some to give a little gradation of the colors.

OOAK Artisans Jean Stambaugh Peter mixed media

I added strips of cardboard in each of the slots to keep the paints from bleeding through to the other side. The inside was painted each slot a different color. NEOPAQUE flowable extender was used it to paint the circles, which allowed me to paint another color over and not change the colors!!

OOAK Artisans Jean Stambaugh Peter mixed media

I used a bit of black dyna flow to dry brush the edges of colors to help the colors look blended. Several stamps, stencils,and doodling in black tied it all together!!" ~Jean

OOAK Artisans Jean Stambaugh Peter mixed media

WOW! Jean's project is fantastic! I would love to have one of these in my art box for sure!  Don't forget you can visit Jean's blog at jeanpdesigns.blogspot.ca     


Friday, June 2, 2017

Design Team Member Feature: Jenn Engle

Hello everyone!  We have another Design Team Member Feature for you today!  Today we feature the art of talented Jenn Engle, otherwise known as Mixed Media Jenn!

Jenn Engle OOAK Artisans mixed media art

Jenn's eye for color and composition are fantastic, and she creates using all kinds of different mediums.

Jenn Engle OOAK Artisans mixed media art

You can watch videos of Jenn work her magic on Youtube, here.

Jenn Engle OOAK Artisans mixed media art

You can view her art on her blog here :)

Jenn Engle OOAK Artisans mixed media art

Or you can see her works of art on Instagram!

Jenn Engle OOAK Artisans mixed media art

Jenn has started creating for the OOAK design team, and I know you will love her work!  Come back soon to see more very soon :)

I have included a video of Jenn creating a cover for the new ICAD challenge for you to enjoy :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Recycled Amazon Book Mailer with Sharon Harkness-Dobler

Hello friends! I’d like to share a fun recycling project with you.

Recycled Mailer Sharon Harkness-Dobler OOAK Artisans

I’ve ordered quite a few books from Amazon over the last few months.

The books come packaged in a cardboard box that looks very much like a folder. 
Recycled Mailer Sharon Harkness-Dobler OOAK Artisans 2

I decided to keep a few of these boxes with the intention of using them in an art project, and here it is.

Recycled Mailer Sharon Harkness-Dobler OOAK Artisans 3

You can use any mediums that you like to create your own functional folder.

Recycled Mailer Sharon Harkness-Dobler OOAK Artisans 4

Click on the video below to see my step by step process. 

Enjoy and happy creating!

Thanks for visiting!

Friday, May 26, 2017

OOAK Artisan's Featured Product:Uni-ball ® Signo Broad Pen

noun: feature; plural noun: features
  1. 1.
    a distinctive attribute or aspect of something.

  1. Each month we will feature a product, sharing supplies and materials that we think you would love to use in your creative time. 

  2. Whenever possible, we will offer them to you at discounted prices*. We hope you will both enjoy and benefit from these articles.

OOAK Artisan's Featured Product:Uni-ball Signo Broad Pen

This month's featured product is the Uni-ball® Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Pen, White Ink. 

It is a Uni-ball® pen, a pen made by the Mitsubishi Pencil Co. of Japan. Signo is just one of their many lines of pens.

This pen is a gel pen but it's not your usual gel pen! It is described by the manufacturer in these terms,

·        Thick, vibrant lines always make a bold statement
            ·         Smooth grip keeps writing comfortable while maximizing control

            ·         Exclusive pigment-based ink forms an indelible bond in paper, for            intense coloration and document security
       AND we have found this all to be TRUE!

       They also boast of these features for pens made by Uni-ball® :
                ·           3 Way Protection Against Water, Fading and Fraud – Pigment-             based uni Super Ink contains particles that form an indelible bond in             paper.
                ·         Won’t Leak in Flight – Jet setters get it—these pens are designed to           compensate for changes in cabin pressure.
                ·         Comfort Grip – Ergonomic designs and unique grips keep hands free           of pressure.
                ·         Fade- and Water-resistant, Acid-free Ink – Perfect for archival               uses, these help words remain bold over time.
                ·         Quick-drying Ink – Great for fast writers and innovative lefties.

This pen has pure white ink, and it's opaque which means it will "POP" on darker colored backgrounds. 

It will write smoothly on all types of surfaces - matte or glossy, smooth or textured - as shown in this video clip.

I love how I can embellish my artwork. In the next video clip I used acrylic paint to stamp on shiny metallic paper. 

"Manhattan Positive & Negative " designed by Nathalie Kalbach
Manhattan Positive & Negative

The stamp I used is an ArtFoamies stamp designed by Nathalie Kalbach of n*Studio .

   Many mixed media artists and paper crafters SWEAR by this pen.

Created by Leah Tees

"I love the Uni-ball® Signo pen! It is so smooth and writes even over slightly textured surfaces. I've always wanted an opaque white pen to use over acrylic paint and I'm so happy Shelley sent me this one!"    - Leah Tees, OOAK Artisans Design Team Member 

There have been many reviews and comparisons done with other markers and pens, you can read some of them yourself - CLICK HERE  

The nitty-gritty:  

Uni-Ball® Signo Broad Pen, UM-153 model

                            ·         1.00 mm BOLD tip
                            ·         White, opaque pigment ink
                            ·         Metal, conical tip
                            ·         Clear barrel
                            ·         Snap-on cap
                            ·         Clippable

AVAILABLE through OOAK Artisan Showcase -
" Remember, when you purchase your supplies through us you are saving a few coins AND more importantly, you are helping in our mission to help other artists through our free programs.1 We aren't a non-profit but we believe in encouraging others and giving back.

MSRP $3.59     OOAK Artisan Price * $2.50 

Interested? CLICK on the STAR!

Shipping to U.S. :  USPS 1st Class w/tracking is $2.77 for up to 4 pens
                          USPS Priority w/tracking and insurance is $6.50 flat rate packaging

International Shipping : Please inquire, based on weight and destination.

* items will be available for pre-order, based on availability. An invoice will be sent out to you when the order is placed with our distributor(s). You will be notified via email with the expected delivery date and a tracking # upon shipment.  Any question contact sales@ooakartisans.com .

1 Free youth art programs servicing inner-city youth, tuition subsidy program, monetary and in-kind donations to local non-profits, participation in community art projects. Contributions made by OOAK Artisan Showcase are non tax-deductible.