Tuesday, August 15, 2017

African Daisies Watercolor with Roberta Laliberte

There is something magical about heading outdoors with my sketchbook and settling into a little corner of the world and recording what I see.

With a sketchbook, there is no pressure, at least there shouldn't be. It's for you, its a visual journal of your life and the way you see the world. You don't have to show anyone, it can just be for you. It's a safe place to explore the way you work artistically.

Watercolor Roberta Laliberte OOAK Artisans
On that note, I decided to create a video where I share a quiet moment on my back deck creating a watercolor sketch of a pot of African Daisies. I share my process for sketching and coloring with you and explain why I do things in the order I do. I hope you enjoy the video and I definitely hope it inspires you to open up an art journal and have some fun! ~ Roberta

You can see Robert's art on the web!

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