Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Rose Queen Mixed Media Project with Roberta Laliberte

I just love taking beautiful magazines and piecing together bits and bobs to create a story. Some of my favourite magazines are the Stampington mags. The Somerset Life and Artful Blogging often have beautiful photos of flowers and vintage goodies, beautiful objects that can be reborn into beautiful art.

Roberta Laliberte Mixed Media OOAK Artisans

I was attracted to the colors of the pages I used for this one. I also loved the roses and could envision the pretty soft pinks with the muted greys and blues paired with the Queens regal demeanour.

I used:

  • Strathmore bristol vellum paper
  • a UHU glue stick (or matte medium)
  • gesso
  • soft grey, baby blue, seafoam green
  • water-soluble pastels (neocolor)
  • pencils (click, kimberly 9xxxB)
  • pencil crayons in soft greys and browns
  • gold paint pen
  • krylon matte spray fixative (used between layers of soluble pastels and pencils
I sure hope you enjoyed the time lapse video. Remember, if you find it too fast I think you can slow it down in your settings in Youtube. Have fun tearing up magazines!
~ Roberta

You don’t see it in the video but I used a burnt umber ink mixed with water to create the drips at the end, camera malfunction, sorry. xo

You can see Robert's art on the web!

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